Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos tweaks Trump with tweet praising Washington Publish’s Pulitzer Prize wins

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  • In a tweet on Monday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos praised the reporting group on the Washington Publish for their Pulitzer Prize resolve.
  • Bezos additionally took a shot at President Trump by bringing up “Alabama” and “Moscow,” two areas of controversy for the length of Trump’s presidency.
  • Bezos and Trump are now now not on fair terms, as Trump has many events attacked Bezos-owned Amazon and Washington Publish.

Jeff Bezos

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Jeff Bezos

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos tweaked President Donald Trump by potential of Twitter on Monday, following two Pulitzer Prize wins by the Washington Publish.

Moscow refers to Russia’s alleged interference within the 2016 presidential election, which used to be the topic of various experiences within the Publish and the Novel York Occasions, which shared the Pulitzer.

Or now now not it’s unswerving to remark Bezos and Trump are now now not on primarily the most piquant terms. Trump has many events attacked Bezos and the two companies he owns, Amazon and the Washington Publish, for dodging taxes and publishing “unfounded news,” among other things.

Bezos has largely remained silent in accordance with Trump’s many attacks. But he criticized Trump prior to the 2016 election that Trump’s habits “erodes our democracy,” and offered to shoot him to pickle after being attacked of a tax “rip-off.”

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